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HOW TO:| Report Suspicious Email  


Objective: The purpose of this document is to provide instructions on how to report suspicious email for analysis.  We have recently implemented an advanced anti-phishing platform that will help protect mailboxes from real-time phishing/malicious email attacks.


Last Updated: 13SEP21 JB

Before you begin: Please note the original "Report Message" button has been removed and a new add-in to your mailbox has taken its place. 

There are two locations where the option for reporting suspicious email will be located. Users have the option to access their email through the Outlook Web-client or Outlook Desktop-Client. To report suspicious email, follow the steps below.


For Outlook Desktop-Client

1. At the top bar you should see a 'Report Phishing' button 

2. Select the email and then click the 'Report Phishing' button to complete this


For Outlook web-Client

1. Open the Outlook Client on your computer.

2. Under the “Home” tab, navigate to the far right and select “Report Phishing”.



For Android/iOS

1. Similar to the Desktop-Client, in the Microsoft Outlook for Android/iOS in a specific email click on the ellipses (...) to open the menu where you can select the "Report Phishing" button.

Another reporting option is to forward any suspicious email directly to: 

phantom@<> or

What is Phishing?

Phishing is a form of fraud in which an attacker masquerades as a reputable entity or person in email or other communication channels.  The attacker uses phishing emails to distribute malicious links or attachments that can perform a variety of functions, including the extraction of login credentials or account information from victims.

What is the difference between Phishing emails and spam emails?

Spam is unsolicited e-mail, often of a commercial nature while phishing emails are sent to fraudulently obtain sensitive information with malicious intent.

What am I expected to do?

This button will allow you to report an email that you find as suspicious directly from your email account to the security team.

If you're unsure whether or not the email you received is suspicious or unsafe, please report it! We will do the rest!

What happens when you report an email?

Our security team will review your report and will classify it, using special tools and resources to make the determination of whether it's a bad email or not.

You will get an email notification regarding your report's status.

Your awareness and cooperation are very important.

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